7 Influencer boxing fights I want to see in 2024

Aakash Rao
4 min readDec 27, 2023

Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be touching on a subject I am relatively new to: combat sports, and more specifically, influencer boxing. Influencer boxing is a new concept where the Internet’s best get the opportunity to settle beef or simply get in shape by stepping into the ring with fellow influencers. While the boxing world is divided over this new mode of sport, I personally feel it is both entertaining and surprisingly competitive, and the cringe-worthy moments are outweighed by the endless entertainment and fun. Now that I have given an introduction to this concept for those who were in the dark, let’s get straight into it

7. King Kenny vs Salt Papi

This fight is practically perfect, as it gives two boxers who have suffered losses a chance to bounce back. It would also be a relatively competitive and even match, as both Kenny and Salt Papi are technical boxers with excellent defence. Rather than both racking up wins against less-skilled opponents, it would be impressive if both were up to a challenge and fought for a Misfits belt or main card. However, Salt Papi may not be up for it if he has to go up a weight class, especially since he has stated he wants to cut weight even more.

6. Anthony Taylor vs Gabriel Silva

This fight would be for the Misfits Light Heavyweight title, and what a fight it would be on the undercard of the Brazil card. Anthony Taylor has made a habit of stopping hype trains on up-and-coming fighters, but he is turning 35 next year and could be reaching the end of his career. Meanwhile, Gabriel Silva, son of Anderson Silva, has impressed in his fights on Misfits so far and would be a worthy belt holder if he wins this fight. He could be the new face of Misfits if he plays his cards right, and this would be a logical first step to dominating the influencer scene.

5. Nichlmao vs Faze Jarvis

Faze Jarvis is the current beltholder for the welterweight division, while Nichlmao has been quite impressive this year despite only winning one fight. His technique and skill are impressive for an influencer boxer, and he definitely deserves a shot at the title. This fight has history as well, since Jarvis called both Nichlmao and his tag team partner Alex Wassabi for a fight after his win against BDave, making it an exciting fight.

4. Deji vs Bryce Hall

Another fight with a storyline: Deji and Bryce Hall have been calling each other out on the internet for more than a year now, but nothing of substance has materialised till now. Hopefully, both can agree to fight next year and give us an entertaining fight similar to Deen vs. Walid. Deji is finally realising his potential, while Bryce recently shocked the internet with a win in the BKFC. This fight could truly be spicy, which is why Misfits should look to make this happen somehow.

3. Behzinga vs Joe Weller

This fight would be more of a classic: just two influencers settling beef by stepping into the ring. Behzinga would be making his debut, while Joe would be making his comeback. The storyline and potential are too huge to ignore, and it is rumoured this is happening in April. I hope it does, as it looks to be an exciting and seemingly even match.

2. Slim vs AnesonGib

Another title fight, but one that has a far larger narrative. Two of the best influencer boxers with middle-eastern origins battling it out for the belt would be exhilarating, and hopefully this actually happens. If Slim were to defend his title against someone of his stature, Gib would surely be the best person to challenge him. However, Leon Wills (Gib’s trainer) claims he has retired, so there is a large chance it doesn’t happen at all. Hopefully this is just a marketing ploy, as Gib still has a lot to offer the influencer boxing scene.

  1. KSI vs Jake Paul

This is the fight that everyone who watches influencer boxing is rooting for—the end goal or climax everyone HAS to see. The debate over whether KSI or Jake Paul is the better boxer has been raging for 5 years now, and now that both have lost to Tommy Fury, there is an opportunity to settle that debate once and for all. While both parties have struggled to come to an agreement, I have a feeling both will feel obliged to make it happen for their audience, who have been pining for this fight for years.

That’s all for this article. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do tell me if you think I should make more influencer boxing articles or even more combat sports articles. I would love to cover traditional boxing, but only if my audience has some interest in me doing so. Do let me know in the comments, and till next time, adios!



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