Come Home the Kids Miss You album review

Aakash Rao
3 min readMay 20, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, and today i will venture out of my comfort zone to review Jack Harlow’s new album. This is the first time I’m trying out reviewing music albums, so do tell me if you like these music reviews and want more of them.

Before this album came out, I mostly knew Harlow as that rapper who featured on Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby. However, his verse in the song intrigued me, which was why i decided to try and listen to his new album. It soon became one of my favourite albums, which is surprising given that I don’t really listen to rap on a regular basis. The album as a whole is decent and impressive to me, with its sound and vibes on certain songs funky and engaging. Harlow does well to provide a variety of sound and styles on each song, which helps make the album as a whole pretty diverse.

The Good

My favourite song was hard to choose, but I’ll settle with “Churchill Downs”, with “I Got A Shot” and “Like a Blade of Grass” close runner-ups. Jack Harlow and Drake are the duo rap fans never knew we needed, and both rappers are on point in “Churchill Downs”, the longest song on the album. The lyrics and message in this song are the best out of all the songs, which honestly was an easy accolade to achieve (i will elaborate on this later).Pharell Williams does well on Movie Star too, although I didn’t enjoy the song as a whole. “Dua Lipa” and “State Fair” are both great songs which I enjoyed, but they aren’t anything special. “First Class” has become a fan favourite, and while it is decent, it honestly is barely the 5th best song on this whole album. Like I said earlier, this album is fun, engaging and casual, which works well with Jack’s charisma, but also makes some of it’s tracks feel a bit flimsy and bland, something I will get to later. Jack’s effortless delivery works well in some songs, which are the ones which are most memorable. Considering this is his first major album, he did surprisingly ok, and I certainly would say it isn’t his worst work. He does have room for improvement, but he has played to his strengths in most tracks, which makes them enchanting or eye-catching at the very least.

The Bad

One song I didn’t like at all, however, was “Poison”, which featured Lil Wayne as well. The song falls flat, and Lil Wayne does not suit the song at all. Another issue I had with the album in general, was how uninteresting some songs were. Young Harleezy(to a certain extent), Parent Trap, Poison, Talk of the Town and (to a certain extent) Movie Star are all so boring and bland, which limit the album musically. The theme and message of all the songs are mostly overlapping, and are focused on how Harlow is enjoying finally making it on the big stage and shutting down his haters and fake fans. This can get annoying when listening to the album at one go, and I even had to create a separate playlist with only the songs I liked in order to avoid these songs. His stress free and casual approach to making music has worked for him to a certain extent, but some of the songs on this album just feel plain lazy and lack flavour. Moreover, some of Jack’s verses and delivery on these songs are repetitive and so tasteless, which is very disappointing knowing what he can do. The cameos from Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake are so disappointing, and their inclusion in the album does it no merit.

In the end, from a neutral point of view, Jack Harlow’s new album is decent at best considering some of the albums we’ve seen in recent years. You can’t call it memorable, but it does give you an idea of Jack Harlow’s style. It is energetic and proud, displaying Harlow’s arrogance and charisma which has made him famous in the rap world. There are some absolute bangers on this album, but at the same time there are some stinkers as well. I would give it a more than decent 8 star rating out of 10, and while I wouldn’t say it’s a must listen, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a listen either.



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