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Aakash Rao
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Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be trying my hand at predicting the result of each round of 16 match. I’m sure my group stage predictions have been a total disaster, but nevertheless, it is my duty as a fan and a blogger to continue this streak of stupendously inaccurate predictions. With that being said, let’s dive straight into it.

Switzerland vs Italy: 1–1, Switzerland win 5–4 on penalties

Talking about my previous predictions, one has already been proved false as I tipped Hungary to face Italy while Switzerland crash out of the tournament. However, the Swiss have been quietly impressive this tournament, making me eat my words just a week or so into the tournament. Despite my evident shock at their success, I’m still going to back an upset for them as they will narrowly win against Italy on penalties. The game will be a snoozefest, bar a thrilling 80th minute equaliser by Scamacca and a jaw-dropping save by Yann Sommer in the shoot-out to win the Swiss the game.

Germany vs Denmark: 2–1

Germany have the home advantage for this match, but I still think they will steamroll this Denmark side regardless. Denmark have blown hot and cold this summer (ironic), and will unsurprisingly get knocked out by an in-form Germany. Fullkrug will open the scoring after a mazy dribble by wonder kid Musiala, which will be followed by a classy Wirtz goal and a consolation goal by Christian Eriksen in the dying embers.

England vs Slovakia: 2–0

England have been nothing short of a disappointment this tournament, but surely they beat this Slovakia side with ease. It might be through yet more boring Southgate football, but the Englishman does have a good track record in the knockouts as England manager, and he should continue that streak with a tidy 2–0 win for the Three Lions.

Spain vs Georgia: 4–1

Little old Georgia shocked the world when they won against Portugal to secure a place in the knockouts, but I’m afraid all the hype will die down as quickly as it began as Spain put them to bed after a 4–1 spanking. The front three of Nico Williams, Morata and Yamal will run riot this game, giving the Georgia defence no time to catch their breath as the goals pile on. In-form Metz striker Mikaudtze will continue his goalscoring form with a 70th minute screamer, but it will all be too late as Georgia crash out of the tournament.

France vs Belgium: 2–0

This game will establish itself as a classic, as it will be a tight game till the 70th minute, with both teams hanging on at 0–0. The ball will fall for Lukaku at the edge of the box and he will be free to shoot, no one there to foil his efforts or pull an offside trap on him. However, in typical Lukaku fashion, he’ll blaze the ball far above the crossbar and into a poor old lady’s head. Just minutes after that horrendous miss, Mbappe will clinch France’s first goal to send the fans into a frenzy, while Giroud will join the party soon after to solidify the victory. As the full time whistle blows, a new meme will be born as Lukaku sobs like a baby with his jersey over his head, but this time with no Thierry Henry to console him.

Portugal vs Slovenia: 2–0

Portugal SHOULD make light work of these minnows, but I think Slovenia will put up a decent fight. Portugal won’t score until past the 65th minute, and will only make it 2–0 due to yet another own goal off the corner. It will hardly be a convincing performance for the Seleccao, but Slovenia will hold their heads up high knowing they tried their best to go toe-to-toe with the elite European nations.

Romania vs Netherlands: 1–3

Netherlands will bulldoze this Romania side, finally exposing all the football hipsters who jumped on the Romania hypetrain. Yes, they have been decent in the group stage, but you can’t forget their ENTIRE group finished on 4 points as well. That 3–0 win against Ukraine is the sole reason they made it this far, and they will be found out against a far superior Netherlands side, leaving egg on the faces of all these football hipsters who claimed that they ‘knew’ who Man was and what a baller he is before this tournament.

Austria vs Turkey: 3–1

Turkey have been quite good this tournament, but I think they’re in for a rude awakening against the mighty Austrians. Ralf Rangnick will work his magic and inspite this Austrian side to dismantle the Turkish mercilessly. Turkey will equalise after Austria take an early lead, but after that it will be all Austria as they wreak havoc on a shaky Turkey backline.

With that, we’ve come to the end of this article. If you liked it, do share it with your fellow football fans. If you’re skeptical of some of my predictions, do let me know your own down below in the comment section. Till my next article is out, feel free to check out my older articles on the Euros, World Cup and the Prem. Adios!



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