FIFA World Cup group stage predictions

Aakash Rao
7 min readNov 20, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, and as the FIFA World Cup starts today, I will be predicting EVERY single World Cup group stage match. Ready? Let’s get started.

Qatar vs Ecuador: 2–2

I’m going for something a bit unconventional here, many people think this match is going to be a boring 0–0 draw, but I feel emotions will be running high, and Qatar will nick 2 goals in the first half before Ecuador stage a surprise comeback.

England vs Iran: 3–1

Yes, I know i said they would thump Iran 4–0 in my previous article about England, but I just feel like Iran may make things a bit hard for them. England will go 2 goals up in 60 minutes, before a 70th minute scare from Iran, and finally a 3rd to tidy up a win for England

Senegal vs Netherlands: 1–3

Senegal will be in crisis mode after Mane has withdrawn from the World Cup squad, and I expect Netherlands to finish them off in style with a tidy 3–1 win.

USA vs Wales: 2–1

I back Wales to qualify from the group, but I think they will lose here to a late Pulisic goal. USA, meanwhile, will crumble after this morale-boosting win, with losses to Iran and England knocking them out of the tournament.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: 4–0

This is going to be an easy win for Argentina. I know Saudi Arabia have had extra preparation for this World Cup, but honestly, they’ve always been terrible in World Cups, and I expect nothing to change here.

Denmark vs Tunisia: 2–1

This may look like an easy win for Denmark, but I expect Tunisia to give them a hard time. Denmark will still win, but expect this match to be surprisingly exciting.

Mexico vs Poland: 1–2

Poland have historically been terrible in major tournaments, but I think they could stand a chance this time. Mexico are in a minor crisis themselves, and I think we may see a surprise Poland win here to put them in pole position (get it?) to finish 2nd in the group.

France vs Australia: 2–1

This fixture was notoriously boring last time around, but this time I think it should be a 2–1 win against a severely weakened Australia side.

Morocco vs Croatia: 2–1

Morocco are looking good for this tournament, and I am considering backing them to finish 2nd in the group ahead of Croatia. Yes, Croatia are the former finalists and favourites to win this group, but I feel like both Belgium and Morocco have what it takes to defeat them. Call me crazy, but I see a 2–1 win for Morocco.

Germany vs Japan: 3–2

This will be an extremely thrilling 5-goal match, but in the end, I see Germany winning this. Expect some back-and-forth action, and Germany should clinch a morale-boosting win.

Spain vs Costa Rica: 4–0

Spain’s squad may be questionable, but they are still miles ahead in terms of quality when compared to Costa Rica, so this should be an easy 4–0 thumping.

Belgium vs Canada: 3–1

Easy 3–1 win for Belgium, Alphonso Davies will score Canada’s only goal but will be helpless in stopping a second half collapse.

Switzerland vs Cameroon: 0–0

This game will be boring. Next!

Uruguay vs South Korea: 2–2

Uruguay are a solid side, but i think a Son Heung-Min led Korea can spring some surprises this World Cup. An exciting 2–2 draw will mean Uruguay and Korea will be in the battle for second spot.

Portugal vs Ghana: 4–0

Should be an easy, tidy win for Portugal. Nothing much to say other than that.

Brazil vs Serbia: 3–2

Everyone expects Brazil to cruise through this group stage, but I feel Serbia may make things a bit hard for them. Neymar & Co. should still win this game, but don’t expect Serbia to go down without a fight.

Wales vs Iran: 2–0

A tidy 2–0 win for Wales. Not much to elaborate.

Qatar vs Senegal: 2–1

Yea. I think Qatar will somehow squeak a win against Senegal. I may sound crazy, but I seriously think Senegal will collapse this WC. Just you watch.

Netherlands vs Ecuador: 3–1

Netherlands are winning every match and topping this group. Easily.

England vs Usa:4–1

I am watching this match live at Al Bayt stadium, and I think i will be witnessing a thrilling 4–1 triumph by England. USA will be second best through out the match, and this match will determine the second spot of Group B.

Tunisia vs Australia: 1–1

Honestly, who is going to watch this match other than the fans of these nations? No disrespect intended, but quite frankly this match has no effect on the group whatsoever, so I foresee a dull 1–1 draw. Sorry tunisia and australia fans.

Poland vs Saudi Arabia: 3–0

Even my 2 year old cousin could predict the outcome of this match. Next!

France vs Denmark: 2–3

I will be watching this match live as well, and I feel Denmark will suprise us all and defeat the reigning champions 3–2. Denmark will be the dark horses of the tournament, and Eriksen should score the winning goal. Can’t wait for this clash.

Argentina vs Mexico: 2–2

I think this will be Argentina’s only draw of the group. This will be a crazy match with a lot of passion and a lot on the line, but in the end, Mexico will somehow hold on for a draw.

Japan vs Costa Rica: 3–1

This should be Japan’s sole win of the group. Costa rica, on the other hand, will finish rock bottom due to this loss.

Belgium vs Morocco: 2–1

This should be an interesting match to watch, but I still feel Belgium will win. Morocco are good, but I doubt they have the quality to beat Belgium just yet.

Croatia vs Canada: 2–1

Croatia are on the decline, but they still have it in them to beat Canada. 2–1 win, Modric will score a brace to show his world class quality.

Spain vs Germany: 1–3

I think Germany will be surprisingly good this tournament, and will win this match-up to top the group. Spain will qualify for the KOs, but will rue this defeat which consigns them to second.

Cameroon vs Serbia: 1–2

Choupo-Moting will score given his form for Bayern, but Serbia’s Luka Jovic will steal the show with a late winner to show he’s still got it. Maybe a move in January if he performs this WC.

South Korea vs Ghana: 3–0

South Korea will run rounds around Ghana, especially Son. He will score a brace before Kim Min-Jae scores a thumping header to seal Ghana’s fate as bottom of the groupers.

Brazil vs Switzerland: 2–0

A tidy 2–0 win should be enough for Brazil to solidify their place as group toppers, while Switzerland will reel from this loss and finish 3rd.

Portugal vs Uruguay: 1–0

What a match this is going to be… if it doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I can see this being a dull 1–0 win where someone like Goncalo Guedes or Nunes scores a winner. sigh.

Ecuador vs Senegal: 1–0

Ecuador will surprise everyone with a 1–0 win against Senegal, which will provide some solace to their fans while causing more grief for Senegal.

Netherlands vs Qatar: 2–0

Anything else and I will pour a tray of ice cubes down my shirt.

Iran vs USA: 2–1

A win to break the internet. USA fans will lament an embarrassing loss to ‘rivals’ Iran, with the Carlos Quiroz led middle eastern team defeating Greg Berhalter’s team at ‘soccer’.

Wales vs England: 2–2

Having a perfect group stage would be impossible for England, so I expect England to be cruising to a win till suddenly a Bale bolt will squeeze past Pickford to secure a draw. England will still progress to the KOs in first place, but not with 9 points.

Tunisia vs France: 1–2

Another tight win for France, who will progress out of the group as 2nd. Poor Tunisia, unfortunately, will not. I feel bad for the passionate Tunisia fans I’ve seen almost everywhere here in Qatar.

Australia vs Denmark: 0–3

Denmark will easily win this game, and thinking otherwise is pure lunacy.

Poland vs Argentina: 1–2

This won’t be easy for Messi & Co., but Poland probably don’t have it in them to cause such a major upset. Tidy 2–1 win for Argentina to top the group.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: 1–3

Saudi Arabia will be the guaranteed win of this group, and Mexico will probably win this match to finish third.

Croatia vs Belgium: 1–3

Belgium themselves are ageing, but I still think they will do decently well this tournament and will sweep aside Croatia to top the group.

Canada vs Morocco: 1–2

Morocco will give Canada fans a shock by winning this game, which means Canada finish rock bottom on 0 points. Sorry Canada fans, but I can just see this happening.

Japan vs Spain: 1–2

Spain will win this one narrowly, but it’ll be enough to progress to the KOs. Japan will not go down without a fight though.

Costa Rica vs Germany: 0–5

This should be pretty easy for Germany, and a 5–0 win will boost Germany for the KOs.

South Korea vs Portugal: 1–2

A late Ronaldo winner will crush Korean hopes, yet establish Portugal’s first place finish ahead of Uruguay.

Ghana vs Uruguay: 1–3

A tidy 3–1 win for Uruguay will ensure they will be in the KOs, where they will fancy their chances of progressing deep into the tournament.

Serbia vs Switzerland: 1–0

A Serbia triumph will ensure Serbia finish second in this group to surprise some and please their own fans. Trust me, Serbia and Morocco will be the surprise packages of this World Cup group stage.

Cameroon vs Brazil: 1–3

I expect a lot of entertainment in this match, and hopefully I will get to watch a magical match play out live, which is why I think Brazil will gazump Cameroon by 3 goals to 1. Antony, Neymar and Paqueta will get on the score sheet, while Choupo-Moting wil score again to become the surprise player of the group stage.

So, that’s all for this group stage prediction. Let me know in the comments whether you agree or not, and let’s see how many I get right. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the spectacle of a World Cup which we are about to witness!



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