Grading each PL team’s away kit for 22/23

Aakash Rao
6 min readAug 7, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be grading the away kits for each PL team. Ready? Let’s get started!

AFC Bournemouth — B-

Bournemouth have not yet released their away kit, so I shall rank their third kit for now. It is a decent kit I guess, and has a nice message, but seems a bit lazy. A black third kit with no decent design is mid level at best, and despite it looking quite slick, I can only award it a B-.

Arsenal — A+

Another black kit, but I simply love this one. Great design, the gold text and badges are phenomenal and simply a superb kit overall. Solid 9/10

Aston Villa — A

Ooh la la. What a pleasant kit this is. Not phenomenal, yet this kit is just eye-catching and nice to look at. Great colour scheme, the design is ok, and the collar is nice. Decent job, Villa. Much better than your home kit.

Brentford — B

This kit… is pretty basic. The colours are nice, and the badge is unique, but other than that there’s not much to talk about. Next!

Brighton — A+

What a kit this is from Brighton. This colour scheme is superb, and the subtle design is phenomenal as well. The black and white badge matches with the kit, and overall, Nike have done spectacularly well with this one.

Chelsea — C

Let me be completely honest here; I absolutely hate this kit. It’s just so weird. The little wave columns are just so wrong. Why couldn't they have just made the entire kit wavy? That would have been absolutely fantastic to see. The big, fat 3 doesn’t do the kit any favours, and in the end, I can’t grade this higher than C.

Crystal Palace — B

This kit isn’t terrible, but it’s pretty much the same concept as the home kit. I like it, but they should have tried something different.

Everton — D

This is just a terrible kit. The pink is ok, but what is that design? Sure, it may be ‘eye-catching’ for some of you, but the design is so awkward on a football kit. I’m getting a headache just looking at this kit.

Fulham — B+

This kit is quite divisive for me. I like what they’ve tried to do, but changing the badge to whatever that is is a huge no-no. The sponsor also looks kind of jarring on the kit. Nice try, Adidas, but this kit has so much potential but kind of falls flat.

Leeds United — C

I applaud the effort here, but this is really a hit-and-miss kit. No Leeds fan is going to want to wear this for years to come. It really just looks like someone spilt ink on the shirt. Please, Adidas, stick to basic kits for Leeds, they tend to work very well.

Leicester — F

I can’t really find the away kit anywhere, not even a legitimate leak. Leicester haven’t released one officially as well, so an F from me.

Liverpool — B+

I don’t love this kit, but it’s pretty decent to me. The design is certainly a first, but I kind of like it. It’s not as bad as the fans exaggerate. Not exactly up there with iconic Liverpool kits, but this is pretty enjoyable in its own way.

Man City — A

This kit is pretty nice, a classy nod to the 1960s, but it’s not breathtaking like the A+ kits. It’s a great kit which looks very fashionable yet nostalgic, and if I was a City fan, I’d absolutely love to wear this. Red still looks weird on City players though.

Manchester United — A+

I have my reasons for this, there’s no need to give me a look of scepticism and assume I’m yet another delusional United fan. The collar is one, the dual colour stripes another, and that badge in a shield the last main one. Everyone loves a white away kit, and this one is delightful. Looks classy, but not too simple. I absolutely love it.

Newcastle United — A

I like this kit. Gold and Blue go well with each other, and the little lines on the sleeves give the kit a bit of a ‘Matrix’ vibe. Kieran Trippier coincidentally does look like he’s going to offer you two pills to take any second now. Let’s talk about the third kit though. Newcastle have really done a poor job on that one. The kit design itself isn’t an issue, but did you have to make it so obviously linked to the Saudi Arabia kit? It’s very apparent where the inspiration for the kit came from, so the new owners kind of messed up on this one. Way to subtly promote your country via your club’s kit. No one was fooled.

Nottingham Forest — A

I’m not going to lie, this kit is pretty great. I love the yellow-green-blue combo, and this kit’s relative simplicity is quite appealing. One thing I don’t love is the shorts though. Should have been a simple blue.

Southampton — B

I see what hummel have tried to do here, but again, it doesn’t really deliver what it was meant to. If Nike had applied their wave design to a full kit, it would have looked good, but this wave design looks kind of messy on a kit.

Tottenham — C

This kit is toooo bright. And while that colour combination seems cool in theory, it is so jarring in real life. This kit is kind of a colourful, glowing disaster. Let’s move on, the neon purple is burning my retinas.

West Ham — B

Like I’ve said, I don’t really like black-out kits, and those weird sleeves make this kit slightly worse. This kit is pretty ‘meh’ if you ask me.

Wolves — C

This kit is extremely messy. A plain green kit would have been far more appealing. Nothing much to say other than that.

So, that’s all for this article, I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do look out for my future articles, and till next time, adios!



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