Grading each PL team’s home kit for 22/23

Aakash Rao
6 min readJul 15, 2022

Welcome back to my blog after a long break, and today I will be grading the home jersey for each PL team. I’ve decided to grade the kits as I felt it would be more effective than ranking them and it would give you all a better impression of what each kit is about.

AFC Bournemouth — A+

Bournemouth’s home kit this season is truly a work of art. The design is truly stunning. I love the collar, the pattern and the sleeves. One of the best kits this season, honestly.

Arsenal — A

Arsenal kits are always good, and this one is no different. Nothing outstanding, but the collar is tidy, the colour scheme works and it’s just a pleasant looking shirt. easily an A.

Aston villa — B

This kit is simply too basic. The arrows may have meaning but they don’t look as good as they could have. The collar is ok, and the sleeves are decent as well. In the end, this is just a ‘meh’ kit

Brentford — D

Brentford are using the same kit as last season’s, which is just pure lazy. Therefore, I award them an abysmal D.

Chelsea — B+

This kit is slick for sure, but the collar kind of spoils it. It just look out of place. This kit is definitely better than last season’s, and for that it earns a decent B+.

Crystal Palace — A

I do know this kit does look a bit weird, but i like it. It’s unique, something no one has tried before and it just looks pleasing. It’s definitely not the best kit this season, but just for its pure innovation it deserves an A.

Everton — C

This kit just lacked originality. The collar is ok, but the design is underwhelming. And yet another team sponsored by Honestly, it looks way worse than Cazoo looked on last year’s kit. In the end, I expected better from the Toffees.

Leeds United — B

This season’s kit is a minor improvement from last season’s which is why it gets a B. Adidas could have done much more with this kit though, like they’ve done with their other PL kits, which is why it doesn’t get an A despite it being quite clean and decent.

Leicester — A

This kit is an unusual one, but I like it. The collar is something new, and the Gold badge and adidas logo is nice to see. The sponsors and the lines on the sleeves should have been gold as well to round off the look, which is why I give it an A instead of an A+.

Liverpool — A-

This year’s Liverpool is super clean and basic, after that divisive kit from last season, which is why it earns an A- from me. It’s pleasant to see, and the intricate design is pretty cool, but I feel they could have included more white on the sleeves or even the sides of the shirt. In the end, a classic football kit.

Manchester City — A

A lot of people seem to dislike this shirt, but for once I actually like a City kit. The design is nice and simple, the colour scheme is pleasant, and the badge plus the Puma logo in the middle looks unique. Definitely an A.

Manchester United — A+

This kit is simply majestic. Honestly, this is one of United’s best kits in the past decade. Even if I wasn’t a United fan, I would still love this kit. The collar is super cool, and the red and black colour scheme matches well. The design is a bit more evident this year, and it’s definitely better than last year’s. I know all of you will say this looks a lot like the Arsenal kit so I should give that an A+ as well, but this looks much more classy and has a rustic vibe as well. Easily a 9/10.

Newcastle united — B-

I see what Newcastle have tried to do this year; revert back to the classic, simple black-and-white stripes. They almost succeeded in making a beautiful retro kit, until that sponsor spoiled it. They should have made the sponsor a matching colour, or even remove it if possible. A solid attempt, but still ruined by the sponsor.

Nottingham FC — A+

This kit is quite beautiful, the design on the side and sleeves is quite pleasant, and the collar is pretty decent, but the thing I loved the most was the blank space in the middle of the shirt. No sponsor at all! This kit is a true retro kit, and for that it deserves a massive A+.

Southampton — A+

This kit is pretty great as well, with the unique designs as well as how slick it is something I did not expect to see in a Southampton kit. Looks pretty fashionable to wear, and the sponsor is not glaringly out of place as well. Ticks all the boxes I look for in a kit.

Tottenham — A

This kit is easily a solid A. Love the blue-black and yellow rings on the shirt, and the sponsor actually complements this kit. This kit is simply clean and refreshing. Not outstanding, but definitely a kit you’d be proud to wear.

West Ham — A-

This kit is better than last year’s but it looks a bit patchy. The design could have been implemented on the body as well to make it look complete. The rest of the kit is nice though, so it earns itself a decent A-.

Wolves — A

A pretty simple kit, nothing much to say. The sponsor is so much better on this kit though, and for that itself it gets an A. The kit looks clean and pleasant as well.

So, that’s all for this kit review. Let me know down in the responses whether you agree or disagree, and let me know your favourite as well. My favourites are the Southampton, Bournemouth and Man United ones, three well-designed, authentic kits. Do check out my older articles, and till my next one, adios!



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