Honestly, Nevermind album review: Experiment gone wrong or refreshing Drake album?

Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be reviewing Honestly, Nevermind, Drake’s 7th studio album.

Drake is undoubtedly one of this generation’s best artists, but this album pales when compared to Scorpion, Views or even Certified Lover Boy. The Canadian rapper-singer tried to do something different with his latest album, but it falls far short of what is expected of him. The sound on this album is interesting, no doubt, but ends up feeling like forgettable summer background music. Drake’s crooning vocals are often uninspired and are drowned out on all the songs, with the exception of Sticky, Jimmy Cooks and Tie That Binds. Drake’s attempt to try making songs of new genres and push himself and his abilities is commendable, but unfortunately this attempt miserably fails. All of the songs except for the three I mentioned are unmemorable and wearily unrelatable. Sure, this album does achieve its aim of being an unique summertime album, but nothing really sticks with you nor does any song have the trademark catchiness of a Drake song. The first few songs were a hard listen, and i found myself even skipping few on my second listen because I felt a second listen of those songs was of no point. The last few are an improvement and slightly engaging, but other than the three above none really stuck with me nor was it as engaging on the second listen. All in all, Drake’s seventh album has opened new avenues for him, but at the same time has let down fans due to its vague, forgettable tracks.

That’s all for this article, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and till next time, adios!



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