Matchday 2 review: FIFA World Cup

Aakash Rao
2 min readNov 24, 2022


Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be reviewing the 4 matches that occurred yesterday.

Morocco vs Croatia: 0–0

0–0s are becoming common in this World cup, as defences and goalkeepers have improved vastly and are hell-bent on keeping their clean sheets. Both sides did ok, though Croatia looked like a shadow of their true selves, while Morocco need En-Neysri to show up if they want to succeed. In the end, a great defensive show from both sides.

Germany vs Japan: 1–2

What a match. Germany were at their very best, yet could do nothing to stop a highly competitive Japan. The midfield battles, defensive acumen and attacking prowess were all present in both sides, and this was a beautiful game to watch. Japan truly deserved to win, and it goes to show how much Asian football has progressed in recent times. This really is the World Cups of the Underdogs.

Spain vs Costa Rica: 7–0

A thorough dismantling of Costa Rica by Spain. They were miles ahead of their opponents, and it showed. 7 unanswered goals to 0 shots on target. Costa Rica are well and truly doomed in this group, no chance they finish anywhere but bottom. Spain, meanwhile, are definitely favourites to top the group after this win, especially due to their healthy goal difference. Spain truly looked like themselves after a long time, and they could really be solid contenders for the cup.

Belgium vs Canada: 1–0

Belgium were lacklustre in this game, and didn’t deserve to win. One tiny moment of luck and talent ensured they got the 3 points, despite Canada’s best efforts and resilience to fight back. They were always on the front foot, but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Surprisingly good in their first WC game in a long time, they will have to remain resilient if they want to stand a chance at qualifying for the knockouts.

That’s all for this summary of yesterday’s matches, I will continue to write these reviews for every single match, and hopefully you all will continue to enjoy reading them. Do let me know what else I can cover in these articles, and till next time, adios!



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