My top 10 songs of 2022 and why you should give them a listen

Aakash Rao
4 min readDec 17, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, and today I have decided to refresh your Medium feeds with a lighter article. Music is a common love between humankind, and I for one am obsessed with it. While this year was a mediocre year for music, there were still some fantastic songs I enjoyed. The following are my top 10 songs, and hopefully I convince you all to add them to your playlist for this year.

10. As It Was — Harry Styles

As It Was is one of the more popular songs former One Direction lead singer Harry Styles released this year in his latest album, “Harry’s House”.

As It Was is a song most people will definitely know, given its popularity with Harry Styles’ fans as well as on various social media platforms, especially TikTok. I enjoy the song mostly due to its catchy tune, and Harry Style’s stunning voice helps as well. While it may have become overused by online netizens, I feel it is still a relishable song for most to enjoy, though the frequency of me listening to it has reduced considerably in the past 2 months.

9. Give Me a Kiss — Crash Adams

Give Me a Kiss and Crash Adams rose to fame due to the band’s TikToks as well as the music video where they spread positivity to the public.

Another highly popular song on the internet, Give Me a Kiss has propelled Crash Adams to great fame for such a new band, and I simply love it. Very catchy, simple lyrics, and a great song for karaoke. Call me basic but this song is definitely one of my favourites of the year.

8. Celestial — Ed Sheeran

Celestial is a new Ed Sheeran song where he collaborates with Pokemon for the music video.

This song is a more recently released one, yet it instantly was a hit for me. This song feels more like a classic Ed Sheeran song than some of the songs in his album last year, which is why I enjoyed it so much. Beautiful vocals combined with meaningful lyrics and amazing instrumentals leaves very less to be desired from this song, and the cute music video in collaboration with Pokemon serves to impress as well. All in all, superb song.

7. Sharks — Imagine Dragons

Sharks is a throwback to some of Imagine Dragons’ best song, and was one of the first songs to come to mind when i compiled this list

Sharks just seems like an Imagine Dragons song, and I mean that in a good way. A catchy rock-pop song, Sharks is definitely a song I was hooked to for a while and it’s simply one of the better songs I’ve heard all year. The music video is pretty sick as well.

6. Remind Me — Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan has been the find of the year for me, and most of the songs he has sung I have loved so far. Hopefully, 2023 will bring more outstanding songs from him.

Tom Grennan has been one of the break out artists this year, and I definitely love this particular single of his. Remind Me has great instrumentals, and you can’t fault Grennan’s beautiful vocals. In the end, this song is a vibey, lively pop song you can definitely add to your playlist to liven it up.

5. I Got A Shot — Jack Harlow

A personal favourite, Harlow’s album was one of the reasons I have tried listening to more hip-hop and rap this year.

As some of my readers may know, I love Jack Harlow and his latest album, and this song was definitely my favourite. Love the beat and lyrics, and as usual Jack delivers with some great vocals. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love this song.

4. Late Night Talking — Harry Styles

Another personal favourite, this song was my favourite out of all the songs in Styles’ new album, and I still listen to it frequently months later.

Late Night Talking is definitely my favourite Harry Styles song ever (along with Adore You) and ranks high on this list due to its musical brilliance. On point vocals, beautiful instrumentals and lyrics work together to form a brilliant song I happen to enjoy very much.

3. Not Over Yet — KSI & Tom Grennan

This song shows how far KSI has come as a musician, and impresses with superb vocals from both KSI and feature artist Tom Grennan

As a person who is somewhat disapproving of Youtubers dipping their hands into the music scene for content, this song by KSI is a surprising favourite for me. KSI has come a long way since first delving into music, and last year was when he truly became a musician. Both KSI and Grennan are superb in this song, and the song itself is an upbeat, catchy and motivating song most people would enjoy.

2. Becky’s So Hot — FLETCHER

FLETCHER was introduced to me just a few months back, but I have enjoyed her songs as well as her new album ever since. This in particular was quite the hit and was my personal favourite as well.

Another song from a breakout artist, this song and FLETCHER’s album in general is quite outstanding. This song and the album helps to showcase the artist’s emotions and grief quite brilliantly, and musically it works as well. In the end, a great song you should definitely add to your playlist.

  1. I ain’t Worried — OneRepublic

As a huge OneRepublic fan, this song going viral and being a major hit was a pleasant surprise. Personally, I love this song and it’s upbeat vibes and catchy nature has ensured it remains my favourite song of this year. The energy and musical brilliance of this song has not been seen in a OneRepublic song since their last smash hit Counting Stars, which is why I enjoy and will continue to listen to this song for years to come.

That’s all for this article, I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you agree with any of my picks or would like to share one of your own favourites, leave a comment in the responses section. Do let me know if you would like me to write more music articles, and look out for my review of this world cup and the final coming out on monday. Till then, adios!



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