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Welcome back to my blog and today we are doing something more unique. I have hit a HUNDRED stories on Medium with this article, a milestone which seems surreal to me. I honestly took up blogging as a hobby back in 2020 during my school year break, and now I am proud to say I have a flourishing blog on football with many loyal readers. Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me and reading my articles all along, and I hope you continue to do so. I am certainly not done here, and hope to write many more across the years. While it is hard to search for time and ideas to write articles , it is always fun and satisfying when I do get to write them, so hopefully in 2023 and the years to come I can continue to inform and entertain with some interesting articles and maybe even branch out to other fields. Anyway, let’s now take a look at what I feel are my top 10 articles since I first started. If you haven’t read these before, use the link I will drop below each article to check them out.

10th. How COVID-19 is changing the Football transfer market

This article was my very first one, and while it may not be my best article, it certainly holds the most nostalgic value for me. This article kicked off my journey on Medium, and helped to serve as inspiration to get more reads and readers. It actually is quite an unique article, and I rarely do those kind of articles nowadays. Do let me know if you all would like to see more of those kind or prefer the ones I do nowadays.


9th. Thomas Tuchel’s reformed Chelsea: How have they risen?

This was one of the first articles of mine which gained the attention of readers using Medium rather than from my friends and family. Personally, I feel it definitely is one of my more refined articles, and it helped to spread my blog and articles to more and more readers. Still a solid read even though Thomas Tuchel was sacked quite a while ago by Chelsea.


8th: Transfer Analysis for each team in the PL: Part 1

One of my first series which actually did pretty well, this article was one which I put a lot of effort and time into, which is why I’m quite proud of it. It also inspired me to do more transfer related articles, which are always fun to write.

7th: My FIFA World Cup 2022 experience: matchdays, stadiums,atmosphere and much more.

This is honestly my favourite article of all time, based on content alone. Getting to watch the FIFA WC live in Qatar was genuinely a huge honour, and getting to share my experience with you all was even more exciting. Quite unfortunately, I do not vlog so you all will have to take my word for it when I say that this World Cup was quite the spectacle. Go check this article out if you haven’t!


6th:Ranking the home PL kits of 21/22

This was quite a different article, as I stepped out of my comfort zone to assess and rank Premier League kits. I won’t lie, I had taken inspiration from other websites I had seen before, which was why I wanted to try my hand at rating and ranking kits. The process of writing it was quite fun and seeing people enjoying this article and contacting me to discuss it was also very pleasing.


5th:Predicting the Championship table for 21/22

This article was the first time I ventured into writing about the Championship, and it was quite a popular one. I also had a lot of fun writing this one and even though I barely got any correct I felt I did a decent job at writing this article.


4th:Ranking the managers of the PL 2021/22

This article not only did well in terms of reads and viewers, it is also a personal favourite of mine. Ranking the managers in what turned out to be a light-hearted yet informative article was very entertaining to write and discuss, and I felt that it epitomised what my blog is all about. Do check it out if you haven’t and tell me if you want a similar one for this season’s managers.


3rd: Every PL club’s underrated and overrated player 21/22 part 1

Now, into the top 3 with a banger of an article. This article was one of the most enjoyable articles to write ever, and it has done very well in terms of stats, with 805 you checking out my article. Loved this series as well, so do tell me if you all are interested in a 22/23 version of this.

2nd: Dean Henderson vs David De Gea: Who should be Manchester United’s number one?

This article was quite a light-hearted and fun one, which is why I didn’t expect it to do so well. Till this date, only 3 articles have crossed the 500 view mark, and this is one of them. It truly was surprising to see how many of you all were interested in the Man Utd goalie battle. While De Gea has since redeemed himself since the article (I love you De Gea and apologise for the disrespect), at the time my views seemed valid enough and apparently many agreed.


1st:Top 30 FIFA songs since 2010

This article is my most successful yet, with a whopping 2.5k people viewing it and 869 of you reading it. That is honestly a crazy number for me to reach, and the surprising thing is this article reached its peak in February 2022, quite the ideal present for me. Really loved writing this article, and hopefully my articles in the future can reach the standard it has set.


That’s all for this article, hope you all enjoyed reading it and reminscing about any of the articles you’ve read before which are in this list. Do follow me and check out all my article if you haven’t, and do let me know if you all want a repeat of any of the articles this year. Once again, thank you to all my ardent readers and supporters for being on this journey with me, and I hope you continue to follow me and read my articles. While writing is definitely a massive joy for me, knowing that people read and enjoy my articles is truly fulfilling, which is why I will always be grateful for all your support. Anyways, here’s to a 100 more, and till my next article (coming soon or even today hopefully), adios!



An avid Manchester United fan and football/music blogger!

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