Predicting the Championship table 22/23

Aakash Rao
6 min readAug 3, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, today I will be attempting to predict the Championship table for 22/23. The Championship just began yesterday, with Burnley clinching a 1–0 win against last year’s play-off finalists Huddersfield. Last time around, I got only a couple of guesses right, so this year I aim for at least 5. Ready? Let’s get started.

  1. Burnley

one thing is for sure; Norwich are not winning the Championship this time. Burnley have quite a strong squad, and a young, refreshing manager in the form of Kompany. He will utilise the squad he has well, and bring the Clarets back up within a year in the Championship.

2. Sheffield United

This just has to happen, doesn’t it? Just like Bournemouth, Sheffield United will return to the Prem after two years in the Championship. Their team was in disarray last season, but this season they have an improved squad, a decent manager and a real shot at winning the auto-promotion race.

3. Norwich City

Norwich have a superb squad, and a decent manager, but I highly doubt they will go straight back up. If I had to back someone to go up, I would definitely put my money on Norwich normally, but this team is one in disarray. They’ve just had a terrible campaign, they are under a new manager, and they haven’t really made waves in the transfer market. That’s why I’m not a hundred percent sure the Canaries have it in them to push for promotion. They will be involved in the fight for sure though.

4. Middlesborough

I am probably wrong for this pick, but I just feel it’s high time the Lions return to the top flight through earning a play-off spot and winning the play-offs. They have a top manager in the shape of Chris Wilder, a decent squad, and they have a superb fan base to back them throughout the whole season. I have a feeling we will see Chris Wilder and the Lions back in the Prem by 2023.

5. West Brom

West Brom will be back in contention for promotion this year, but I highly doubt they will return to the Prem just yet. They have a decent (but extremely boring) manager in Steve Bruce, and their squad is pretty ok, but I just can’t see them going up just yet.

6. Sunderland

Mark my words, Sunderland will be the surprise package/dark horse of the Championship this year, before going on to gain promotion the year after that. Alex Neil may not be the best manager in the Championship, but this team has huge potential, and I think he could do a decent job here. He may not even be in charge by the end of the season, given how ruthless the Sunderland owners are in recent years, even sacking former manager Lee Johnson despite a trophy win the summer before due to the team’s form. Regardless of what happens, I just know Sunderland will finish in the top half/the promotion spot this season. All of you will look at me like I’m a mad man now, but just watch and see the Black Cats return to their former glory within the next three years. It just has to happen for a club of their stature.

7. Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers have quite a decent squad, but I think they’ll just miss out on a play-off spot. Not much else to say here. Next!


This one is a bit controversial, but hear me out. Watford fans are raving about their new manager Rob Elliott, who may be exciting, but let’s be realistic; he’ll be gone by January. Someone like Mick McCarthy will take over, but will struggle to bring the team back to form and they’ll cross the finishing line huffing and puffing in 8th. When this inevitably happens in May, just remember you heard it here first.

9. QPR

I really, really wanted to see QPR in the play-offs this season, but they messed up big time, finishing ELEVENTH instead. How disappointing was that. They had a decent advantage by February, and all they had to do was to maintain decent form. But of course, they collapsed and finished in 11th. This season will be no different, but they’ll finish barely two places ahead instead.

10. Huddersfield Town

A 10th place finish would be pretty disappointing for Huddersfield fans, but after such a morbid end to their promotion push and the departure of a top manager like Coberan, I think the Terriers will struggle to do much this season. Sure, they remain in the top 10, but they will not have the most enjoyable of seasons and will limp over the finish line in 10th.

11. Milwall

Not much to say here. Milwall are a decent side, and they will clinch another top half finish this year. Still distant from a promotion push, but they’ll get there.

12. Luton Town

Luton Town are a decent side, but last year’s 6th place finish was honestly quite a lucky fluke. Don’t get me wrong, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new team in the mix for promotion, but they were never actually going to win promotion last season. This season, Luton will suffer a drop-off in form, but should still make a top half finish in the end.

13. Hull City

Hull City have strengthened well this season, and I can see them finishing easily just outside the top half. Their squad is pretty decent, and they should do much better than 19th (on paper.)

14. Coventry City

This seems pretty logical doesn’t it. Coventry City will do pretty ok, but don’t expect much fireworks from them.

15. Preston North End

Another very straightforward prediction, I foresee the Lambs maybe dropping just two places from last season and finishing 15th. Not much else to say.

16. Cardiff City

Cardiff have a pretty decent team, but last year they were utterly terrible. I see them jumping a few spots in the table, but don’t expect a top half finish from the Blues.

17. Blackpool

I love Blackpool, given that they are kind of the quintessential Championship team, but I see them dropping down the table a bit this season due to competition from the teams above.

18. Swansea

Honestly, I just kept them here because I can’t see them finishing higher than any other team above them. Not much else to say about the Welsh side.

19. Stoke City

Stoke City finished 14th last year, and expect another year of mediocrity from them. They won’t go down, but they aren’t exactly doing much either. Next!

20. Wigan Athletic

Wigan have a pretty average squad, and while some feel they’ll just go straight back down, I can see them performing like Hull city did last season, and they’ll secure a pretty secure 20th place.

21. Bristol City

Bristol City have a quite the average squad as well, but they’re not in danger of going down just yet. They’ll be involved in the relegation battle till march, before going on a tiny winning streak to keep themselves up.

22. Birmingham City

Birmingham City are a club in crisis, and unfortunately I just see them going down next season. Their squad is pretty unimpressive, and I highly doubt the Blues will stay up this season.

23. Rotterham United

Rotterham did gain auto-promotion to the Championship last year, but they’ve lost some crucial players this season and I just can’t see them doing well. They’ll go straight back down, rebuild and come back again next season.

24. Reading

Reading were pretty terrible last year, and are lucky to still be here. This year, I think their luck will run out, and despite some decent additions to the squad, I don’t think they will be able to stop relegation to League One.

So, that’s it for this article. I’ve predicted the table for the Championship, with Burnley supposedly winning the league, and Reading going down bottom of the table. Do let me know your views on my predictions as well as some of your predictions in the responses section down below, and before I end, I would like to thank all my readers for their continued support. I have just hit 80 stories, and I sincerely appreciate all of you for reading and/or following me and my articles. Do look forward to even more articles, and till my next one, adios!



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