Sidemen charity match review and player ratings

Aakash Rao
6 min readSep 17, 2023

Welcome back to my blog, and today we are going to be taking a look at the biggest annual event on YouTube: the Sidemen charity match. As a huge fan of the Sidemen and football, I decided it would be a fun, refreshing change to take a look at the events of the day as well as how each player and team did.

The match was held at the London Stadium this year, a significant upgrade on the venue they held it at last year, Charlton Athletic’s home ground, the Valley. Surprisingly (or rather, unsurprisingly), tickets to the event sold out in hours, which was a promising sign that it would be an entertaining match and an extremely successful fundraiser. Thankfully, both of these promises were fulfilled.

Player ratings

FYI: I will be ranking and rating both teams’ players with a tier list and a rating out of 10.


Manny — 9.7/10

Simon — 9.3/10

Tobi — 9.2/10

ChrisMD — 9.2/10

Chunkz — 9.2/10

Filly — 9.1/10

Ethan — 9/10

Angry Ginge — 9/10

The term ‘Baller’ is quite subjective to each individual, but in this case, let’s just say these players could pass as semi-professional or even League 2 players.

Manny, Simon, and Tobi are the deadly trio who have been regular performers and highlights of these charity matches, and once again all three showed up with goals, assists, and some classy dribbling. It would be interesting to see how well they could perform at 100% capacity because the frightening part is that all three claimed they were taking it "easy".

Meanwhile, Ethan put in a Scholes-esque performance with some outstanding box-to-box play. He carried the ball well, stuck in some good challenges, and of course scored the opening goal at his boyhood club’s stadium. What a day it must have been for Behzinga.

Then, we have Angry Ginge. What a player, honestly. He was the standout defender the whole match, and the YTAs would have had much more goals if not for him. Proud to call him a fellow ‘Yanited’ fan.

To conclude this category, we have the sensational trio of Yung Filly, Chunkz, and ChrisMD. All three amazing players with phenomenal technique and work rate, they were ultimately let down by some horrendous…



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