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Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be trying to foresee how the Premier League will play out for the 23/24 season, alongside some wonderful guest authors. This project is quite different from my usual style, so I hope you enjoy it and the unique perspectives of each of my guest authors. Shout-out to RJ, AadarshWritez, Karthik Baskar, and Iain for all their contributions to this article. Now, let us begin!

Who will win the league?

Aakash: Manchester City. The extremely sad reality is that Manchester City are too far ahead of everyone in the Premier League, so I can see them winning it a fourth time.

Karthik: First off, let’s start with a mini-introduction for my part of the article. This is written by Singapore’s only living West Ham fan. The picks are therefore very bold and left-field. What’s the fun in being boringly right when you can be amazingly wrong? Now back to my prediction, which is Arsenal

As much as I dislike Mikel Arteta and his team’s dirty tactics, I want Declan Rice to succeed and wish him all the best. I believe that with Rice, Arsenal have an incredible No. 6 who can plug the holes in their defense very well. He’s gotten a bang average West Ham to 6th and 7th. He will be the difference-maker on this team. Kovacic is well past his best and is honestly an uninspiring signing on City’s part, which could cost them.

Iain: Manchester City. Obvious choice, with KDB consistently creative and their Norwegian robot banging in goals in the penalty box. At the same time, I desperately hope they don’t win it for once.

RJ: Arsenal. Their new signings, coupled with the potential of this young squad, have them competing in (and hopefully winning) the Premier League this season.

Aadarsh: Manchester City, because Haaland is HIM

The rest of the top four, in order

Aakash: Manchester United, Newcastle, Liverpool. Manchester United will be deeply involved in a surprise title race next year, but I think we will relinquish first place to Manchester City by March, who should win by a margin of 5 points. Newcastle will continue their revolution with a back-to-back CL spot finish and will win the Carabao Cup. Liverpool will be struggling with their transition period but should comfortably finish in the top four ahead of Chelsea.

Karthik: Manchester City, Man Utd and Liverpool

Man City will finish second behind Arsenal. I don’t have much rationale to explain here

Man Utd will progress under Ten Hag, who will focus not on improving massively but on ensuring that they don’t pull out stinker performances like the 7-0 again.

Liverpool will do well with Alexis Mac Allister in midfield, although Trent remains a concern. I’m not all that convinced that tucking him into midfield will work.

Newcastle and Brighton were considered contenders, but with European football, the Premier League will be less of a priority.

Iain: Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United

I think Newcastle will shine with the oil money, plus some of their players have a lot of talent, so I’m hoping they excel. Arsenal is doing very well at the moment with many young talents, plus Arteta has learned quite a bit from their epic bottling this season (hopefully). Man Utd will probably wrap up the top 4 comfortably by March, but if that isn’t the case, I think Liverpool could do well.

RJ: City, United, Newcastle

All three look pretty solid and should easily finish in the top 4.

Aadarsh: Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle

I feel Chelsea will finish second as they are making major improvements, and Newcastle and United will finish fourth and third, respectively, as they have been somewhat consistent and haven’t sold any major players.

Three picks for relegation

Aakash: Luton, Sheffield, and Everton.

Pretty straightforward choices for me here. Luton Town are 100% going down if they don’t do something in the transfer market ASAP. Their squad is just too weak. Sheffield United could pull off an escape, but I just can’t help but feel their squad is lackluster when compared to their relegation rivals. Finally, the Toffees time in the PL should finally be up, as they will struggle under Dyche, hire an underprepared Rooney, and implode to end up in the Championship for the first time in forever.

Karthik: Luton, Burnley, Everton

I loved Luton Town before their fairytale story became cool, even the season before this season when they lost the playoff semi-final to Huddersfield. However, I think Premier League survival will be beyond them. Despite this, I think they will consolidate a few years as a yo-yo club by not sacking Rob Edwards, which will let them have some fleeting seasons in the PL.

Burnley will have a season that will form a cult following, like Blackpool in 2011. Kompany will set out to attack and keep attacking, and they will dazzle. Despite that, just like Blackpool, they will fizzle out and go down in style.

Everton have simply been mismanaged for years. This is the year of reckoning, I’m afraid.

Iain: Everton, forest, burnley

Everton came dangerously close to being relegated TWICE in a row but narrowly avoided it this year. Forest have also been extremely lucky to avoid relegation. Burnley have been quite iffy for me. I think they’re good in the Championship but just don’t have what it takes for EPL football. Maybe Kompany will draw on some of Pep’s knowledge and guide the club well, but that’s probably not going to happen.

RJ: Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, and Bournemouth

All three have fairly underwhelming rosters and will have difficulty competing in the PL in next season.

Aadarsh: Everton, Bournemouth and Burnley

Everton and Bournemouth are extremely weak and aren’t improving much. Burnley's team is very weak this season and has a history of being relegated.

Surprise club of the season

Aakash: Burnley are going to finish in the top half. A lot of the writers here (and in the world) feel Burnley doesn’t have what it takes, but I think otherwise. A good coach makes all the difference, and Kompany will use what’s available to him to lead a somewhat inexperienced, rebuilt Burnley to a top-half finish. Just you see.

Karthik: Bournemouth to finish top half

I’m surprised more people haven’t talked about Bournemouth sacking O’Neil and bringing in Iaola. The Spaniard has done really well with limited resources at Rayo Vallecano (who coincidentally have some gorgeous kits). I think he can take this team, with the numerous underrated players they have like Outtara, Via, and mental monster Billing, to the top half of the Premier League.

Iain: Luton town

I think they will put their all into staying in the EPL, as they’ve come so far against all odds. They might even pull something like a Leicester 15-16, but on a smaller scale, enough to break the top 10. (Editor’s note: What a shout! IF this happens, you are genuinely the best football fan or genius on this list.

RJ: Brighton, who will have an even better season than the previous season. RDZ has been absolutely spectacular, and will lead them to the very top.

Aadarsh: Luton Town

They should stay up comfortably and potentially finish in the top 10. They have the drive and potential to do so, and I believe that they will.

Golden Boot winner

Aakash: Haaland. The Norwegian is the obvious and clearly correct answer. If anyone else wins the Golden Boot, it will be down to Haaland getting injured. End of story.

Karthik: Haaland

It’s Haaland.

Iain: Haaland

Do I really need to explain? He’s been on fire all season long with the support of a beast of an attack, and will continue to score goals for fun.

RJ: Haaland

Yeah, I don’t have much to add on this one. (Editor’s note: The amount of times the name Haaland appears in this article is utterly appalling. Excuse me while I proceed to run into a wall to end the pain. )

Aadarsh: Haaland

Haaland is going to win the Golden Boot, no questions asked. Who else could the winner be?

Best new signing (can include potential future signings)

Aakash: Sandro Tonali.

Newcastle have pulled off one of their greatest signings ever. Somehow, they’ve managed to convince both Milan and Tonali to let this deal happen. Tonali is an Italian international who has the potential to be a top-five midfielder in the future. His defensive prowess will enable Guimaraes to unleash his attacking potential and revolutionize this Newcastle side.

Karthik: Declan Rice

What can I say? Having watched Declan Rice countless times, I can attest that he is incredible. He will be the man to take Arsenal to the next level.

Iain: Alexis MacAllister

He is Messi junior, and I think Liverpool have an amazing support staff who can truly help him develop and grow from where he is now. Hopefully he lives up to his potential, just like the diverse range of young talent out there.

RJ: Kai Havertz

This should be a fresh start for the German, who has bags of talent. In case you all have forgotten, he did score the winner in the Champions League Final against Manchester City two years ago.

Aadarsh: Nkunku

The French forward is versatile and an amazing playmaker and goalscorer. The fact that Chelsea got him for such a deal is amazing.

Flop of the season

Aakash: Mac Allister.

I think it’s too much, too soon. He is a top player, but will struggle to live up to expectations at Anfield. He will barely have any goal contributions come November, and he will get dropped for someone like Harvey Elliott or Curtis Jones.

Karthik: Havertz

I know I have hyped up Arsenal a lot, but I still feel Havertz will flop. Ødegaard is already thriving in his preferred role, and Havertz will have flashes of brilliance as a good impact sub but with his finishing and the fact that arsenal share their goals equally as an unit, I can’t see him doing well.

Iain: Havertz

I really hope he does well because he is a phenomenal player, but I think he will be upstaged by Odegaard, who does everything he does, just much better. I hope he gets given a role where he can make a difference, though.

RJ: James Maddison

Spurs have become an unstable club, and I highly doubt Maddison will do wonders for them. Should easily be a $40 million flop

Aadarsh: Mac Allister

I feel he isn’t really suited for Liverpool and isn’t ready to play such an intensive style of football. He also probably isn’t used to the high expectations of the scousers. (Editor’s note: I dislike Liverpool fans too but that is by far the most passive-aggressive insult I have ever seen.)

Biggest bargain

Aakash: Youri Tielemans.

A bit of a boring choice, but I think he will become a top midfielder under Emery and lead Villa to another outstanding season.

Karthik: I’m not counting free transfers because that would be boring. I have gone very maverick with my choice, which is...

Mark Flekken

Assuming Raya leaves for $40 million, getting Mark Flekken from Freiburg will be confirmed as a masterstroke. He’s been No. 1 in a Freiburg side consistently making it to Europe, and he’s 1/4 of what Raya is going for.

However, if Ibrahima Sangare joins a Premier League team for 25 million, I feel he would displace Flekken as my choice.

Iain: Tielemans/Kluivert/Milner

Milner and Tielemans were great players at Liverpool and Leicester, respectively, and they are free transfers as well. Even if Milner doesn't stay for long, he can provide the team with a lot of insight and share his knowledge and experience. Kluivert’s fee was undisclosed, but I have faith in him, plus I love Patrick Kluivert, so I hope he proves to be his father’s son with some electric pace and dribbling.

RJ: Kovacic

I can’t think of many, so I guess I’ll say Kovacic.

Aadarsh: Kovacic

I love the Croatian for his contribution to Chelsea, so he should be even better under Pep at City.

PFA player of the year

Aakash: Erling Haaland.

Come on, there really isn’t anyone else who could do better. I’m sick of seeing this robot’s name everywhere, but sadly, he’s taken over the PL. *sigh*

Karthik: Haaland

Again, it’s Haaland.

Iain: KDB or haaland

Do I really need to explain this? These two have been on fire. The likely scenario is Haaland pipping KDB to it due to his goal-scoring capabilities, but I wouldn’t be surprised if KDB gets it. Both could win the Ballon d'Or as well, considering they’ve just won the triple and will probably win more next season!

RJ: Bruno Fernandes

He’s a spectacular player, so hopefully he plays well enough to win this award. Hopefully.

Aadarsh: Haaland

Everything that has to be said about him has been said. So yeah, not much else to add on except that it’s Harland.

Best ‘Outside the top 6’ player

Aakash: Alexander Isak.

The Swedish striker is the quintessential frontman, and should do wonders as long as he remains fully fit. His partnership with Wilson will allow him to take over the mantle as top scorer for this Newcastle team.

Karthik: Saïd Benrahma

Benrahma has been gaining more and more trust from Moyes. He’s got the skills, the tricks, and the flicks. He is entering his prime, and I think he will get a consistent run of games on that left flank and get West Ham to a top 7 finish once more and win the Europa League. Watch out; it's going to happen.

(Editor’s note: I love a loyal fan, but this is a bit much. If West Ham achieve either of these feats, I’ll get you an ice cream. Also, the editor is just me, Aakash. I can’t afford a real one LOL)

Iain: Bruno Guimaraes

Yes, the club finished 4th last season but in terms of tradition, they’re not considered to be part of the top 6 in the epl so I’m counting him in. He’s been absolutely solid most of the season, controlling the midfield with a brilliant work ethic (even when injured!) So I think he’s a real asset for Newcastle, especially in Europe.

RJ: Sandro Tonali

I completely agree with Aakash on this one. A phenomenal player should do bits and pieces for Newcastle.

Aadarsh: Tielemans

The Belgian is on a decent mid-table side in the shape of Aston Villa, and he has the potential to transform them into a very strong team in the next 3 years with the backing of rapidly improving teammates such as Watkins or Bailey.

The first manager to get the sack

Aakash: Sean Dyche.

Everton are a recipe for disaster, and Dyche will lose his head for being the Sous Chef.

Karthik: Pochettino

Apart from Havertz, Chelsea haven’t sold a lot of their true deadweight. And if I’m not mistaken, they are STILL making new signings. Pochettino will struggle a bit to figure this team out. And there is the likelihood that Boehly grows impatient and pulls the trigger. The clown show shall continue.

Iain: Pochettino

I think Chelsea still hasn’t gotten things done right, and they need a massive shakeup and change in their overall structure. I also think the players just aren’t feeling it, and bad morale coupled with a lack of a competitive edge leads to Pochettino shouldering the blame for all of it.

RJ: Julen Lopetegui

Yeah, the Wolves are in a bit of a mess this summer, so I think they’ll do poorly in the first half of the season, and Lopetegui will pay for it with his head.

Aadarsh: Sean Dyche

If Everton have a bad start, he will surely be the first in the firing line, which is why I back him to be sacked first.

Champions League winner

Aakash: Bayern Munich will win it, regardless of whether they sign Harry Kane. The club is rebuilding from the very foundations, and with a new-look board and spectacular coach Thomas Tuchel, they should have what it takes to win that coveted trophy.

Karthik: Newcastle. (Editor’s note: WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? I WANT SOME.)

I mentioned earlier that the Magpies would finish lower due to European football. Well, I am backing them to go all the way and end the trophy drought in style. Callum Wilson will tear apart opposition defenses in the groups, and the midfield of Bruno G and Tonali will cook. They will get a bit of luck with an easy draw; Manchester City won’t really bother now as they’ve already won it, and Newcastle will win the whole thing. My conclusion for this article:

You have witnessed the worst predictions of all time, but I do not care. If even one of these is right I will be hailed as a genius, the football equivalent of Albert Einstein. Watch.

Iain: Real Madrid

It’s just football history. They have been the recurring winners for a very long time, and Bellingham’s signing will significantly boost their midfield for a very long time, possibly taking over form some of the older folks even as early as next season. If I were to choose another team though, I might choose Barcelona, as they have the team. They just have to pray they avoid Bayern, though (Editor’s note: LOL. Also, Iain would like it on record that some of these predictions are jokes, but most of them are the culmination of hard work and critical thinking. Though they will most likely not come true. Miracles do happen, though!)

RJ: Bayern Munich

They’re just too good. I’m scared to think how well they’ll do with Kane if they get him, but regardless, I’m sure the German Giants will win this trophy.

Aadarsh: AC Milan

Milan have done well to retain Leao, who is a world-beater on his day and could lead the Rossoneri to a much-coveted CL trophy.

That’s all for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as WE enjoyed writing it. This is definitely an article that I haven’t tried before, and do let me know if you want more of these collaborations. Till next time, adios!



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