Talking points: FIFA WC 2022 part 4

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Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be talking about some of the more prominent, exciting matches that have occured recently. Unfortunately I was slightly busy in recent days, and couldn’t find time to review each match, so I will look at some of the more interesting ones for now and hopefully continue reviewing all matches from tomorrow.

England vs USA: 0–0

While this match wasn’t exactly exciting, I did watch it live in the stadium so I wanted to take a look at it. The match was pretty even, though England were very lacklustre in attack. Their defence and Declan rice were truly their best players for the night, and Luke shaw in particular was the only defender starting attacks. There was a lot of sideways passing from both sides, but USA’s midfield were dominant against a talented England midfield, and in the end it was a good result for them.

Poland vs Saudi Arabia: 2–0

Finally, Lewangoalski does what he does best, and scored a goal in the FIFA World Cup. It was a pretty decent goal as well, and the polish striker showed up when needed to ensure his country won. Poland won comfortably, and Saudi Arabia were pretty much second best in all aspects. Poland have a more than decent chance at topping this group . What a prediction from me when I said they’d make it out the group!

France vs Denmark: 2–1

Another match I watched live in stadium, it was quite the match to watch. Both teams were evenly matched, the atmosphere was electric and there was a world class performance from a certain forward named Kylian Mbappe. He scored 2 sumptuous goals to ensure France were the first team to qualify for Ro16, while also making things much harder for Denmark. A solid result for France, who have pretty much broken the World Cup winners curse.

Argentina vs Mexico: 2–0

Turns out Messi is not finished, as he scored a wonder goal before assisting the winner in what turned out to be an intense thriller between two Latin American powers. Mexico were hardly up to the fight as the Argentinians bounced back from their shock defeat against Saudi Arabia to clinch a 2–0 win. This win would have allayed fears of Argentina not being able to compete for the trophy this WC, while also giving them a decent shot at topping the group as long as they down Robert Lewandowski and Co. in the next group match.

Morocco vs Belgium: 2–0

Who saw this coming? Absolutely nobody, though I’d say i do deserve some credit for backing Morocco to be dark horses this tournament. Putting that much-needed self praise aside (much-needed due to the agonisingly incorrect predictions I made in my recent article predicting all the group stage results), Morocco were simply phenomenal as they brushed a down-beat, toothless Belgium aside to put them in pole position to qualify for the knockouts. They simply need a win against Canada to definitively qualify for the Ro16, which would be a huge upset considering they had 3 decent nations to contend with to make it to the KOs. Belgium, on the other hand, must pull it together and beat Croatia in order to comfortably make it out of the group, rather than relying on Goal Difference or other results.

Croatia vs Canada: 4–1

What a result for Croatia. Hats off to them, just when everyone thought they were a washed, ageing side with not much fight left in them, they go ahead and absolutely run rounds around Canada. Canada took the lead in the first minute, but quickly lost control of the match as Croatia came back to win the match by 3 goals, something which helps their goal difference a lot. Canada, meanwhile, must feel so robbed of a KO spot. They should have won against Belgium, while they also should have held on for at least a draw in this match. However, they simply couldn’t do enough to get 3 points at the end of the day, but they should come back roaring and ready for the next World Cup on their home turf.

Spain vs Germany: 1–1

It may not seem like it, but this was a thriller of a match. Both teams played with high intensity and urgency, and if they were up against a weaker defence, would have smashed the opponents comfortably. The defences of both teams were truly world class this match, while substitutes had a large role to play for their sides. Morata (surprisingly) scored after coming off the bench, (jokes aside it was a superb goal and Morata really looks in shape for Spain), while Füllkrug showed up late in the game to clinch a draw. What a goal that must have been for him. From playing in 2.Bundesliga to scoring against Spain at the World Cup. A truly magical footballing story, just like how this match was a truly magical football match.

Ghana vs South Korea: 3–2

What a heartbreaking result this was. After Japan’s hopes were dashed on Sunday by Costa Rica, South Korea have been virtually knocked out of this World Cup after losing to Ghana. To their credit, Ghana were spectacular to watch, and Mohammed Kudus looked world class. He played like Zidane the whole match, and was wonderful to watch. Two deserved goals, but in the end this match was marred by a bizarre refereeing decision. Pure idiocy from the referee who decided there was no time to take a corner. Generally, regardless of where the football is being played, if the ball goes out for a corner in added time it is played even if it means it exceeds the RECOMMENDED added time. Why Anthony Taylor decided not to award the corner for South Korea is inexplainable, and I honestly feel South Korea were robbed of a chance to tie the game. After a phenomenal performance from striker Cho to bring them back into the game, they were still fighting to get the draw before the refree inexplicably blew the whistle. Horrendous night for FIFA referees.

Portugal vs Uruguay: 2–0

Another match blotted by a referee’s bizarre decisions. While Portugal deserved to win after an all-round top performance and a spectacular Bruno goal, the second goal was undeserved due to it being an unwarranted penalty. Terrible decision, Gimenez was breaking his fall as he fell, yet somehow it was deemed intentional. Nevertheless, Bruno Fernandes was the stand out player as he played like the player he had been in the 20/21 season. Superb brace to win the game.

That’s all for this article, do look out for my next article coming out tomorrow, and till next time, adios!



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