World Cup kits review

Aakash Rao
15 min readNov 15, 2022

Welcome back to my blog, and today I will be reviewing every single world cup kit (64 in total) in just one large article. Finaly a long one! Anyways, let’s get right into it, and do let me know which ones you disagree with me on or which ones I got spot on.

64. Canada away

Canada have reused jerseys for this World Cup, which warrants an immediate zero from me.

63. Canada home

Same reason, I can’t even imagine being a Canada fan, with no iconic kit to remember given it’s their first World Cup in a while.

62. Cameroon away

This kit is genuinely bad. The home kit isn’t great either, but this is just so jarring to see. The shade of green when matched with the white is a terrible combination, and the badges look off. I have no idea who designed this but they need to get fired. They are clearly in the wrong industry.

61. Senegal away

Ah, the much despised ‘running bib’ design. While I don’t hate all of them, I do think that this one in particular is pretty bad. It just doesn’t work, from the box design to the colour scheme to the dark green line down the middle. Puma could have done much better

60. Croatia home

Some love this kits, but I absolutely despise them. They look terrible. They look like my grandma’s old kitchen table cover. I like the creativity of Nike to attempt this, but it just doesn’t work unfortunately. Sorry to any Croatian readers in advance, but I simply do not enjoy this kit.

59. Poland away

Too plain. Love the colour scheme, but it’s just too plain. Add a bit of design and this kit is a banger. Next.

58. Cameroon home

Yea, like I said, this design just doesn’t work. It’s simply not a beautiful kit. Nice try, but I simply do NOT like this kit.

57. Costa Rica away

Costa Rica may not be favourites to do much this World Cup, just like how this kit doesn’t do much. A clean, white away kit with blue sleeves. How creative.

56. Costa Rica home

THIS IS THE SAME DESIGN. New Balance, what are you doing? It’s the same, just with a different colour scheme. What else is there to be said?

55. Iran home

I like what they’ve tried to do here, but the kit just looks a bit messy. I like the colours and the subtle design above the green splash?, but in the end it isn’t as good as the kits below.

54. Iran away

Pretty much the same, just with a different colour scheme. Looks decent, I don’t hate it but still isn’t beautiful enough. Next!

53. Croatia away

For a kit that reminds me of the Windows default background, it’s surprisingly nice. Not great, not the best I’ve seen, but acceptable. Far better than the kit which looks like my grandma’s old kitchen cloth.

52. Ghana away

Yea, the running bibs really aren’t doing well in this ranking. It’s ok, but I feel like they could have done much, much better. Not iconic, and I definitely would not choose to wear it, but it’s pretty ok.

51. Serbia away

sigh* yet another Puma away kit. Serbia will fancy their chances of making it out of the group, but they certainly won’t do it in style wearing these kits. They’re not too terrible, but you wouldn’t catch me wearing this. Puma, maybe next time you try doing these kind of themes, try not doing it for a world cup.

50. Australia away

Into the top 50, and we start off with Australia’s away kit. It’s not that dreadful, but it just doesn’t work. Doesn’t scream Australia kit to me as well. The collar thing Nike has done for some nations are not that great, and while this kit is wearable, I don’t think it is memorable nor that fashionable.

49. Ecuador home

Marathon are only sponsoring Ecuador this WC, and they have done a decent job. This shirt is definitely a decent shirt, but I feel it could have a more elaborate design. It is definitely wearable, but still not that great for me.

48. Ghana Home

Ghana’s home kit is definitely a decent one, but like the Ecuador kit, it definitely is very mediocre. A more elaborate, fashionable design would have been appreciated, which is why I rank it at 48th

47. Morocco home

This shirt is pretty average as well, and while the colour scheme matches the country, the design is very basic and lets the kit down in the end.

46. Senegal home

This kit isn’t too bad, but I don’t love it that much. The chevron design feels overused on football kits, and in the end this kit is pretty basic.

45. Switzerland away

I kind of liked this kit at first, but now I feel there is too much going on in the middle. The little box thing is fine with me, but the badges should not have been above it. The rest of the shirt is pretty plain as well.

44. Tunisia home

Decent kit, probably would not wear it personally but it definitely is better than everything so far.

43. USA home

Yea, like I said, Nike have reused this design for many shirts, and while I feel the shirt isn’t too bad, many fans absolutely hate this kit, which is why I haven’t ranked it higher. I agree that Nike should have done much better, but at the same time I feel the kit is pretty decent.

42. Poland home

Poland have a simple home kit this time, but it still reminds me of the team so I’d definitely say its a decent kit.

41. Belgium home

Many people like this kit, but the Guy Fieri vibes are a bit too much for me. A pretty basic kit, the flames should have been on the body of the shirt like Argentina’s away kit. Adidas tried well this time, and while I see why Belgian fans would love this kit, I personally don’t like it that much.

40. Serbia home

A decent shirt no doubt, but it doesn’t do much. Nice colour scheme, the gold is a nice touch, but in the end, the shirt is pretty plain.

39. Portugal home

Let me get straight to the point; I appreciate the creativity, but unfortunately the design is kind of bad. An average jersey at best, the shorts being green ruins it as well.

38. Morocco away

Thank god Puma didn’t incorporate the box into this jersey, because it’s pretty average on it’s own. The colour scheme lets it down, since it’s design is pretty beautiful. This white away kit should have been green, and if it had, would have ranked much higher.

37. Switzerland home

Beautiful kit for Swiss fans, but personally not a fan. While it isn’t perfect, I like the design. However, the badges being in a line is a bit off-putting, and they should have continued the lines through out the whole shirt.

36. Japan away

I may be pissing off some football romantics with this decision, but hear me out. LOVE the origami design, but it should be there throughout the whole kit. the collar is stellar as well. Ah, what could have been.

35. Portugal away

This kit is so low because it lacks creativity, despite my personal liking for the design. Simplistic and a slight variation from traditional Portugal kits. I like it quite a lot, but sadly there is not much else to boost it up the rankings.

34. USA away

If this was 4 years ago, this kit would be phenomenal. However, this supposedly ‘innovative’ design has become pretty standard, so while I do like it to a certain extent, I feel they could have mixed it up a bit.

33. England home

Another kit I like to a certain extent, but could have been much better. England fans dislike the blue fade on the shoulders, and while I do think it does look cool, the fact that it is the only stand out feature is a major let down. I would wear this, but I highly doubt it would be a favourite.

32. Tunisia away

Tunisia finishing above England in the world cup would be a surprise, but this certainly isn’t. The design is beautiful, but in the end it’s a white kit. Don’t get me wrong, some white kits can be stunning, but this isn’t for me.

31. Wales home

Yea, this is definitely a decent kit, and I would wear it, but it isn’t too great in terms of design. The subtle design would have been great if brought out further, but in the end it still is an OK kit.

30. Netherlands away

Netherlands have released some classy kits this year, but I feel that the black collar thing ruined a kit that could have been a classic. I love the blue and orange, so that elevates it to a decent 30th place.

29. Australia home

Australia’s kit isn’t extraordinary, but just because it exudes the spirit of Australia, it ranks in the top half. The yellow and green colour scheme is so iconic, and I would definitely wear this kit.

28. Belgium away

I like the kit, but it isn’t extraordinary. One issue I do have are the randomly light blue strips on the shoulders. The design is decent as well, but the kit should have been black.

27. Netherlands home

A relatively classic Netherlands kit, it ticks all the boxes of a retro kit. The glossy look is decent, but this kit sadly doesn’t do much other than that.

26. Qatar home

The kit itself is decent, and it definitely remind you of Qatar with the sleeves. However, it is pretty plain, so I can’t rank it much higher. Still a kit I wouldn’t mind wearing.

25. Qatar away

It’s a nice kit ,the subtle design is pretty, but again, not doing much other than that. Next!

24.Denmark away

This kit is pretty nice, and despite the message Hummel are trying to send with this blacked out kit, I still think the kit should have been different and unique. Nevertheless, a beautiful kit.

23. Ecuador away

This kit is a beauty from Marathon, but I feel maybe a different colour could have been used. Seems a bit random from them to use navy blue for an Ecuador kit. Either way, the pattern is pretty and I’d definitely buy this if i was an Ecuador fan.

22. Saudi Arabia away

This Saudi Arabia is pretty nice, but I definitely liked the home kit more. Many have raved about their kits this year, and I agree with the glowing reviews. The feather design to match the eagle on the FA badge will be iconic for Saudi Arabia fans, and I’d enjoy wearing this kit.

21. Spain away

Spain’s away kit is genuinely nice this time, though it barely misses out on a top 20 spot. I like the semicircle pattern, and the light blue is beautiful to see. The red and yellow lines, however, are out of place one the long sleeves, but other than that, I love this kit.

20. Spain home

Spain’s home kit is marginally better, mainly because of its collar. The blue matches well despite not being a traditional Spain colour, and overall, really love this kit.

19. Saudi Arabia home

Beautiful kit. This kit is pretty amazing, and it could have ranked higher. However, it gets harder and harder as we approach the top of the list, so sadly it ranks 19th only. Nevertheless, I love this kit and definitely would wear it.

18. Japan home

We enter the top 20 with a beautiful ‘Kimono’ themed kit. Love the theme, and the kit itself is pretty eye-catching. The only issue I have is the lack of red in this kit, given red is on the Japan national flag.

17. Argentina home

A nice retro kit, but it’s very simplistic so I couldn’t rank it much higher. It will still be pretty iconic, but design wise it is pretty ordinary.

16. Denmark home

Another beautiful kit, the red suits the kit well and I love how the FA badge is ‘transparent’. I would love to wear this kit (probably with Eriksen’s number on the back; shout out to our Danish maestro for his first goal in Red Devil colours).

15. South Korea away

I love this kit purely on design, and it should make the top 10, but I am penalising it for looking pretty similar to a certain kit made by Nike recently. (Leipzig’s 21/22 away kit, perhaps?) Nevertheless, a beautiful kit for Koreans to wear in Qatar.

14. France away

This kit may be simple, but it has enough intricate design and French vibes for me to love it. A clean, pretty kit to wear for French fans. Hopefully we can see this kit in action in the knockouts.

13. Uruguay home

A gorgeous retro kit for Uruguay this time. Thank god Puma made this to salvage their performance this time. Truly beautiful, it doesn’t even matter that it is plain.

12. Uruguay away

Finally, a running bib design that actually worked. the only issue is that it could also be used as an Argentina kit once the necessary badges have been replaced, but other than that a truly nice kit.

11. Wales away

Pretty plain, and would have ranked much lower if it did not have that beauty of a collar. Wales fans should be over the moon with this kit. Nice design down the sides as well.

10. Brazil

I can already picture the disapproving nods or the looks of disbelief on all of your faces. Let me explain. Yes, i am a sucker for retro/classic kits, and yes this is a true example of those kits, but unfortunately the remaining kits are all more creative or beautiful than this one. Not to take anything away from this kit, but yes, it unfortunately only ranks at 10th.

9. South Korea home

I genuinely love this kit. So gorgeous. The tiger design is back, and the pink is spot on. Collar is superb as well. In conclusion, everything is spot on in this kit.

8. Germany home

This kit is extremely beautiful. It has a retro look, yet is unique. Love how they haven’t gone with the regular boring stripes, and change it up with this black column. The gold badges and number make the kit look royal as well.

7. Argentina away

I absolutely love this kit, and it would have ranked higher if not for the quality of the kits we are about to see. Adidas have got this bang on. Brilliant purple colour scheme, and the flame design is unique. Love it!

6. France home

This just screams France, doesn’t it? Classic blue home kit for France, along with some radiating gold. Brilliant from Nike.

5. Mexico home

Mexico hands-down have the best kits (combined) this World Cup, and their home kit easily secures a top 5 spot. Beautiful design, spot on colour scheme, and all in all, essentially what you would expect a Mexico kit to look like.

4. Brazil away

I love the leopard print on this kit, which elevates this kit to 5th place. The blue away kit is also a classic, and this modern twist on it produces something simply mind-blowing.

3. England away

What a kit. A classic England away kit, it has a beautiful collar and colour scheme, and it definitely is on my shopping list ahead of the World Cup.

2. Mexico away

This kit is simply phenomenal. What a beauty of a kit. Such a gorgeous, intricate design is hard to chance upon in football, and it could easily have been on top as well. However, it misses out to…

  1. Germany away

As soon as I saw this kit, I knew it was my favourite. Beautiful design and colour scheme, this kit will definitely be on my shopping list even though I don’t support Germany. This truly look majestic and beautiful, and it definitely deserves top spot in my eyes.

So, that’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and till my next article, adios!



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